GrabCAD Control
The Stratasys Printer Management solution.
A cloud-based tool for Stratasys customer admins to manage all their Stratasys 3D printers, users, shops and licenses.
Blue Wave
Manage all your Stratasys 3D printers in one place
With GrabCAD Control, managing your company’s additive manufacturing (AM) operations has never been easier.
View all your Stratasys printers and their statuses at a glance, to ensure maximum printer utilization and up-time.
Easily add users and control their access to Stratasys 3D Printers and software, in addition to secure enterprise ready identity management.
Complete control at your fingertips. All 3D printer, material, and software licenses can be managed using GrabCAD Control.
Complete control and operational insights with GrabCAD Control
Integrated with the GrabCAD AM Platform and Partner ecosystem, GrabCAD Control enables managers to maximize printer uptime, additive manufacturing efficiency, asset utilization, and throughput.
Platform Access
Navigate to all other GrabCAD AM Apps directly in the GrabCAD AM Platform.
GrabCAD Print
GrabCAD Develop
GrabCAD Streamline Pro
GrabCAD Partners
Partner Ecosystem Access
GrabCAD Control also allows you to access all our software partner apps and APIs to maximize your AM capabilities.
Built for additive manufacturing admins, managers, and operators.
GrabCAD Control was built for additive manufacturing professionals in smart connected factories and 3D printing model shops.
For managers:
Create and monitor printer and material usage and create reports, so that you never miss a deadline due to material inventory shortages or unnoticed printer errors. You can also review what licenses are active in your additive manufacturing operations and explore new helpful applications to help your AM operations grow.
For operators:
Ensure printers are operating smoothly and nothing needs attention using the Printer Schedule page. You can also ensure constant connectivity to your printers by reviewing server health and status.