3D Printing Shop Management Software You Can Trust

GrabCAD Shop is a secure, web-based application that improves the 3D printing workflow between engineers, designers, project managers and print operators. The all-in-one 3D printing management software follows industry-leading measures to keep your data safe.

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How GrabCAD Shop Keeps Your Data Safe

GrabCAD Shop is a web application that is supported on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Shop administrators, operators and invited users are the only personnel with the ability to access their shop using their secure Shop URL.

  • Encrypted Network Security

    GrabCAD Shop ensures that all data is encrypted while in transit with TLS 1.2 Industry Standard Protocol and is developed in accordance with OWASP best practices.
  • Secure Data Storage

    GrabCAD Shop stores all data using Amazon Web Services, which is stored in environmentally controlled facilities.
  • Secure Communication

    All models, files and comments on a specific order use secure HTTPS URLs and are encrypted using industry standard AES encryption.

Secure for Businesses

GrabCAD Shop improves the way teams manage and collaborate on prototyping and part work orders while keeping business information and data secure.

Protected Collaboration

Unlike email threads or comments in a shared document, GrabCAD Shop keeps the conversation between shop operator and job requester secure, so you can collaborate confidentially.

Access Control

A user can only perform the different functions based on the role assigned by the administrator. The application supports 3 major roles: administrator, operator and requester.

Simplified Setup

GrabCAD Shop doesn’t require a complex setup or expensive infrastructure cost. The designated shop administrator can set up your shop in 30 minutes or less and start inviting users with their secure business email addresses.

Secure for Schools

GrabCAD Shop improves the 3D printing workflow between lab operators, teachers and students, while keeping school security policies top of mind.

Invite Only

Students can only use GrabCAD Shop if they are invited by the shop administrator. Administrators can also easily remove users at any time in the admin console.

Machine & Material Security

GrabCAD Shop gives teachers and lab operators control over what 3D printers and materials students have access to.

Multiple Shop Security

Administrators have the ability to create as many “shops” as they want in order to keep different department and project orders separate.

Everything You Need to Operate Efficiently

Order Management

Organize all of your orders in one place. Easily sort order by due date, or filter by printing technology or job status to get a clearer view of your queue.

Technology Agnostic

GrabCAD Shop is pre-populated with Stratasys® machines and materials and allows you to add third party technology as part of your shop’s setup.

File Uploading

GrabCAD Shop supports native CAD formats such as Creo, SOLIDWORKS, NX, CATIA, Inventor, STEP, Parasolids, STL, OBJ and VRML, as well as common office formats like pdf, dwg, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Dates and Estimates

Communicate deadlines, delivery dates, and cost estimates per order in a currency of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only users who have been invited by the Shop Administrator can access a shop. To do so, log in with the shop URL you received in your invitation email and type in your email. First time users must create a GrabCAD account before proceeding. Moving forward, you can log into your shop from anywhere as long as you use the same email address you were invited with.
Administrators can remove users at any time in the GrabCAD Admin Console.
We take your model security seriously. All models and files use secure HTTPS URLs and are encrypted using industry standard AES encryption. Please download our Security Whitepaper to review this in depth.
In accordance to GDPR laws, Administrators can request all data to be deleted by emailing the request to shop@grabcad.com

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