GrabCAD Streamline Pro
A Stratasys workgroup software suite powered by GrabCAD Print that connects people, parts and printers, essential to scale 3D printing.
GrabCAD Streamline Pro:
  • Improves Productivity
  • Increases Cybersecurity
  • Streamlines Software Workflows
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Blue Wave
GrabCAD Streamline Pro helps all Stratasys customers scale their 3D printing operations, regardless of whether you print prototypes, tools or end use parts
Scaling 3D printing could be related to increasing printer utilization, printer uptime, 3D printing throughput and overall security. It helps:
Engineers and Designers
Order and receive 3D printed parts faster.
AM Shop Operators
Save time processing requests, maintaining printers and generating reports.
AM Managers
Maximize 3D printing throughput, ROI and operator efficiency.
System Administrators
Securely grow 3D printing adoption, and streamline software offerings.
Improved Productivity
GrabCAD Streamline Pro makes Operators more efficient with tools to easily monitor printer and material utilization and to quickly generate analytics. It also helps Operators automate many of their day-to-day tasks and deliver parts faster.
Printer Management at Scale
  • Real-time printer monitoring and analytics
  • Custom dashboards to show machine utilization and performance
  • Notifications for various events to maximize printer uptime
With GrabCAD Analyze
Simplified Workorder Management
(Powered by GrabCAD Print)
  • Manage and organize 3D printing requests for all your 3D printers
  • Save operator time by automatically estimating parts and quoting orders
  • Consolidate requests and prepare jobs automatically
Increased Cybersecurity
GrabCAD Streamline Pro allows Stratasys 3D printers to operate in a secure environment while giving system administrators more control over user and printer data.
Increased Printer Security
  • Improve printer security by protecting against network vulnerabilities
  • IPv6 support
With Shield
Increased User Security
  • More control over user onboarding and offboarding
  • Prevent unauthorized access to 3D printers and reduce business interruptions
Software workflow
GrabCAD Streamline Pro consolidates multiple business applications into a single software suite, thereby providing improved efficiency, reduced costs and higher business process automation
Streamline Pro and GrabCAD Develop (SDKs) together allow integrating your Stratasys printers and GrabCAD Print with your enterprise applications such as ERP, BI, MES and DRM systems.
Features and pricing
Streamline Pro helps save time and effort in operating all your Stratasys Printers with:
  • Advanced dashboards for printer and material utilization
  • Custom Alerts for various printer events
  • Advanced monitoring of Printers and Queues.
  • 3D Printing backlog management with GrabCAD Shop
  • Automatic part estimation and quoting
  • Automatic tray preparation
  • Protection for printers against network vulnerabilities
  • IPv6 support
  • Connectivity to business systems
  • More control over user onboarding and offboarding
  • Prevention of unauthorized access to printers
$2000 / Stratasys Printer
Annual subscription
FDM and PolyJet printers currently supported
Frequently Asked Questions
No, GrabCAD Streamline Pro has many components that require limited (For licensing purposes) to no cloud connectivity. GrabCAD Analyze is an on-premise application setup behind the customer firewall, Shield is a hardware device that can even be used with GrabCAD Print Offline Mode. GrabCAD Shop (and the related Automation) is the only fully-cloud component in GrabCAD Streamline Pro.
No, with the release of GrabCAD Streamline Pro, GrabCAD Shop, Analyze and the other components will be bundled and sold only as part of GrabCAD Streamline Pro. Current GrabCAD Shop customers will be upgraded to a GrabCAD Streamline Pro license for the duration of their current license.
GrabCAD Streamline Pro features can be seen in GrabCAD Control, Shop, Print and Analyze. Customers with a GrabCAD Streamline Pro license can go to and follow the navigation to any one of the apps.
Since GrabCAD Streamline Pro is a per-printer license, there is no limit to the number of users who can access the features / components of GrabCAD Streamline Pro.
Security is a focal point of GrabCAD Streamline Pro. Customers have the flexibility to install and use different components depending on their comfort with cloud-based applications and with sharing data. The GrabCAD software Security Team continuously works with customers' IT and Security Teams to answer security questionnaires, share our Security White Paper and address any concerns.