Lab Management Software for Your 3D Printing Classes

GrabCAD Shop improves the 3D printing workflow between lab operators, teachers and students so the focus remains on learning. The all-in-one 3D printing lab management software helps students submit their requests while offering an easy-to-use dashboard for operators to organize orders by project, course or class.

How GrabCAD Shop Streamlines 3D Printing Programs

GrabCAD Shop is a web-based application that doesn’t require IT assistance. Administrators can set up multiple shops by courses and classes, assign which machines and materials are available for those shops, and start inviting students to use in less than 30 minutes:

Control and Organization for Teachers and Operators

Teachers and Operators save time sorting through multiple job requests for multiple classes. With GrabCAD Shop, they have control over who is printing and what materials students are using.

Streamlined Workflow

The GrabCAD Shop workflow ensures each student provides you with all the information you need, so you can spend less time going back and forth and get their project done faster.

Organized Requests

The operator dashboard helps you easily keep track of where requests come from — by class, by project, or by department. This makes it easier to charge costs back to the department.

Quick Setup

GrabCAD Shop is easy to set up in 30 minutes (or less). Afterwards, Admins simply invite students to register themselves.

Collaborative Workflow for Students

GrabCAD Shop keeps operators, teachers and students connected and minimizes confusion during the 3D printing learning process.

Simplified Communication

The lab operator or teacher can comment directly in the order and the student will be alerted and can respond right away, preventing disorganized email correspondence.

Automated Notifications

Students can view status changes in real-time, and can be notified when their job is complete and ready to pick up.

File Uploading

Students can upload multiple file types, including PDFs for supplementary documentation that will help the operatoror teacher understand the details required to achieve the desired part.

Everything You Need to Operate Efficiently

Easy Setup

Get up and running in less than 30 minutes! Add your company branding, technologies, machines and materials. Then you’re ready to invite users.

Order Management

Organize all of your orders in one place. Easily sort and filter orders by due date, technology, status, type and job requester.

Multiple Shops

Set up as many shops as you need, to track orders per department, business unit, project,or location.

Technology Agnostic

GrabCAD Shop is pre-populated with Stratasys® machines and materials and allows you to add third party technology to your shop’s setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I only need it for one semester?
    Don’t worry! Our reseller will speak with you and customize your plan.
    My students change every semester, do I have to remove and invite them every semester?
    Managing batches of students every semester can be done using user groups. Creating and deleting groups, and managing the students in the group is very simple. Simply follow these steps.
    Is GrabCAD Shop secure?
    We take your models and school security seriously. Please download our Security Whitepaper to review the steps we take to ensure your privacy and security.
    How many students can I add through GrabCAD Shop?
    As an educational institution, you would be able to add an unlimited number of students to your Shops.

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